visiting daddy: our trip to korea

As many of you know, and some of you may not know, my husband, Aric, is active duty Army. With his profession, he often has to be away for periods of time, some brief and others not so much. Currently, he is on a nine month training rotation (deployment) to South Korea. He has been gone since February and we are not quite sure when he will be headed home (yay, Army life). However, he is located on a base that is considered “safe” to visit/live. Because of this, we made a decision about two months ago, without much planning I might add, to pack the kids up and go. This week, we returned from an 18 day trip to the Republic of Korea.

⭐ Let me just put out a disclaimer, traveling across the world with a six and three year old, two weeks worth of crap in tow, and alone, is H A R D. ⭐

Thank goodness I am medicated or I might’ve snapped. I’m joking, it wasn’t that bad, considering.

We flew 9 hours from Seattle to Misawa, Japan, sat in a customs room, then flew two more hours on to Osan Air Base in Osan, South Korea. Being completely immersed in a country where you cannot read the signs, communicate with most people beyond common pleasantries, and all-around feeling like a fish out of water, was quite the literal culture shock. However, being with my husband after so long, was one of the best feelings I’ve had in a very long time. It was truly worth every second of being awake for 24 hours and traveling 5,000 miles to see my boys’ faces light up hugging their daddy!

We had TONS of fun! We traveled from Pyeongtaek to Seoul, from Seoul to Suwon, and then on to Osan. We ate our weight in ice cream; I think we ate ice cream every single day we were there! I was in literal heaven with most of all foods, but the green tea everything was my jam. Rowan wanted noodle soup (ramen) for every meal and mango everything, Maksen probably lived off of ice cream and Pepsi, and I believe Aric was just happy to not eat the Army’s cafeteria food.

Overall, the trip was a success. I could go on and on and on about the things we saw, the places we went, and the food we ate, but I will spam you with photos down below with description instead. I feel so incredibly fortunate and blessed to live such a beautiful life where I can carry my boys to see new places and get more stamps on their passports.

Where will the Brooks travel next? Stay tuned!

🇰🇷 Here are some of my favorite parts about being in the Republic of Korea:🇰🇷

And now for the most important part… the FOOD!

Whew! I know that was a long one. If you’ve made it this far, T H A N K Y O U. I have a ton of fun things coming along! 🤙

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