the brooks family

Often times, social media portrays individuals that have their life figured out, their relationships are hunky-dory, and they like their kids all of the time. If you haven’t heard: this is false. And yet, I find myself guilty of this. It is with a great desire I hope to avoid doing such on this blog and on other social media sites. I am an anxiety-riddled pyschopath 99 percent of the time, I am late 100 percent of the time, my husband annoys the crap out of me, and my kids do too. But you know what? That’s us. Our life is a mess, I’m a mess, and I *probably* would not change it if I could.

The Brooks

I am Shandy and this is me. I’m 28. I’m a third generation Texas Tech University graduate and a stay-at-home momma of two boys. I’m a Texan living in the Tacoma, Washington area due to my husband’s career. I have tattoos that most people have judgment over and I have zero thought on not getting more or what they’ll look like when I’m older. I’m not drinking right now (Lord, help me). I love jamming music all throughout the day and I probably will not answer your call unless you’re my momma. I love all things Bravo, makeup, to bake, and I’m always tired.

Aric. My hunk of a husband. He’s my baby daddy of 9 or something-like-that years, my best friend, and biggest pain in the ass (maybe one day he’ll actually hear me when I’m talking). Aric is my biggest supporter, the person who checks me when needed (never), and can handle my over-the-top anxiety and control issues. We are an imperfectly married couple, but I’d pick him to be mine a million times over. He’s everything I’m not, the hardest worker, the best daddy, and has so much drive to be the best version of himself, which is such an inspiration.

Maksen Eli. My first baby, my redhead, my big boy, who is turning S E V E N on August 30th and starting 2nd grade a couple days prior. I blinked and I have a kid who is almost as tall as me, like how? My nana always told me that “the days are long, but the years are short.” This rings beyond true with Maksen. Maksen loves music, taekwondo, soccer, Harry Potter, his Playstation (judge me), and vanilla ice cream. He’s shy, cautious, extremely smart, and has a newly developed 17-year old attitude. He’s a pretty cool dude who makes our family so proud.

Rowan Grey. My black-headed turned blonde daddy’s boy, is a three-year old stinker. He would’ve been an only child had he been born first no doubt. This guy has made me question every ounce of sanity that I’ve ever possessed; he is needy, he is a crybaby, and is an all-around weirdo about most everything. But goodness gracious, Rowan is the sweetest kid I have ever encountered in my entire life. He loves his daddy, food, candy, to play in every body of water that looks suitable, and to shake his booty. This free-spirited child will no doubt cause us many hospital visits and a continued lack of sleep. Rowan is our wild child and the true definition of a sour patch kid: sour then sweet.

To round out our family and fill our house with somewhat feminine energy… our other children: our pups. Saylor is a Doberman/German Shorthair Pointer rescue who will be four in a few months. She is a couch potato, lazy, the scraps vacuum, and the best girl that loves her people endlessly. Summer is our eight-month old Golden Retriever that is literally psycho. She is hilarious, carries her bunny everywhere with her, and has been a great addition to the Brooks family.

This is us, y’all. We are a mess. We fight. We argue. We struggle. But, we make up. We are happy. We love hard. And goodness are we blessed. ❤

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