Maksen Eli

Go, go, Power Rangers!

My parents came to visit this week and we celebrated my big boy’s 7th birthday a couple of days early. He requested a Power Rangers party, but we wanted to keep things simple this year since daddy is deployed. Don’t mind the giant hose protruding from the window; Washingtonians do not believe in central air conditioning.

We had a T O N of fun doing everything for Mr. Maksen. We bowled, we ate Chick-fil-A, went shopping, and pigged out on birthday cake and sundaes. He requested an orange-flavored cake with a layer for each color of the Power Rangers in Super Ninja Steel. So, I concocted this 5-layer white cake, loaded with fresh orange juice and zest that is then filled and iced with an orange cream cheese frosting. It was delicious!

My 4’3″, taekwondo-loving, sweetheart of a redhead, almost-second-grader is turning SEVEN in a week and my mom heart cannot handle it. Time goes by incredibly fast when you have kids.

Hold your babies tight; one day they are newborns and the next, they are almost as tall as you and wipe your kisses off.

Happy-almost-birthday, Maksen Eli.

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