A Change is Gonna Come

Maybe you have realized I have been noticeably absent from posting on here, maybe you haven’t, and that’s okay too. But, it feels like eons since I have published a recipe and even longer since I have opened up and talked to all of you guys. Alas, here I am, and I pinky-promise that I will do loads better at sharing content!

The last few months have been extremely weird and difficult and messy and hard for the Brooks family. A ton has happened in our household in such a short amount of time that I feel like my head has been constantly spinning, and I have maybe, finally, found my footing. A little.

First and foremost, one of the largest changes has been what will soon become the new path in which our family will be on for the next several years. Aric re-enlisted in the Army! — Right before Christmas through the end of January, Aric enrolled himself into a class called a fast class. This class is where he would be studying from 9 am to 4:15 pm every single day to raise his GT score, change his MOS (job), and then he would re-enlist one more time. — After what seemed like an eternity, Aric tested, increased his score so significantly that he could get any job in the enlisted portion of the Army, and boy was it a relief after all of those hours spent studying! He went in, talked to retention, picked the job he wanted, which would have put us in San Antonio for about a year while he trained. We were pumped, excited, and ready to be closer to all of our friends and family again before we packed up and moved away. But, per the Army’s amazing ability to continually make you change your plans 87 times, we received news that Aric did not make the cut for that job, as the new one he picked was “over-staffed.” So, back to the drawing board he went.

This time around, there were NO jobs that were of any interest to Aric. After much consideration and back and forth, he chose to stay within his job, receive a bonus, pick where we want to go, and perhaps try to change into a different job at a later date; otherwise, we would have been at the mercy of the Army and wherever they needed him to go. Long story short: Aric re-enlisted as a petroleum supply specialist for four more years to a location we couldn’t be more excited about! (announcement on that will come soon!)

On top of all of this, the change of the dynamic of our household since I started working, taekwondo FIVE days a week since Rowan started his little tiger’s class, Aric’s college courses, my insane self applying to grad school, and just life in general… Aric and I have had one of the hardest years of our time together and 100% the hardest year in our marriage.

Aric and I have been together since October 2011 and will celebrate 5 years married in a couple of months. Between two children, moving six times, and his time in the military, we have seen our fair share of dilemmas, trials, and tribulations. However, his 9 months spent in Korea last year really threw a wrench in the motor. That is a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to have been apart from your spouse! We have had to re-learn to be together again, work through some problems that have been swept under the carpet over the years, and do our best to reconnect and move forward in our lives.

I’ll spare you guys the ugly details, but we have fought like we have never fought before, we have cried and yelled a lot, we have gone to marriage counseling, marriage seminars, and we have even discussed splitting up. Despite the ugly, we have done our absolute best to get to a better place than we have ever been, have fun together again, communicate more, and stick this thing out for the long haul. We didn’t create this beautiful life with our beautiful children for it to end in a divorce. Aric is my best friend, the best daddy to all of our babies, and I could not do this thing without him. We are going to be okay with the reminder that marriage takes a lot of hard work, and damn it, we are going to be happy!

Through it all, Aric and I have vowed to make the rest of the time we have left in the PNW as fruitful and fun as best as we can, since we are due to leave here in about 6 months or less. We plan to explore all of the places, eat all of the foods, and see all of the things. Change is gonna come and we have no choice but to grab them by the horns and hold on for the ride.

Stick around for some great food recipe posts, and I am also debating on sharing some posts on some of the adventures we go on before leaving! Let me know what you guys think!


Right after Aric signed away his life for FOUR more years!




We took the boys to the Summit at Snoqualmie to go snow tubing!


Maksen got promoted to blue belt, which is HALFWAY to black!


He also got first place in his forms tournament!


And lastly, Mr. Rowan started his little tiger’s taekwondo class!

I hope you’ve made it this far and I look forward to giving you guys some new awesome recipes to try and share some of our family’s adventures! Thanks for following along!

Until next time! -S

Also, be on the lookout for an announcement on where we are moving to!!

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