We are Movin’ On

In my last post, A Change is Gonna Come, I shared that Aric had re-enlisted in the Army for four more years.


While the Army has amazing perks, such as the schoolings, health insurance, and a semi-decent sense of stability, there are also absolutely stupid aspects that the military brings in to our lives that just plain do not make sense. I mean, the Army is an extension of the government, after all.

Aric knew he needed to do at least one more go ’round of our family being in this lifestyle in order to allow more time to finish his degree and I could get my master’s. We have loved living in Washington so far and have gone and seen so many things most people could only dream of. So for us, it made sense to spend four more years putting up with some of the BS. While we were discussing the terms of his enlistment and new contract, it only made sense to request an assignment to Germany; that’s right, WE ARE MOVING TO GERMANY!!!!


The boys will be the PERFECT age to travel and remember this once in a lifetime opportunity. Sure, of course, we could always go and visit Europe, spend a week there and about 10k to only see a few things, or we could spend 36 months immersing ourselves into a culture we could only dream of. Our kids will see how other people around the world live, experience foods and drinks they have never tasted, witness the beauty of the world’s rich history, and maybe pick up some of the native tongue along the way. (We have already been trying to learn basic German words and phrases. Rowan counting to 10 in German is THE cutest thing you’ve ever heard.)

Right now, we have tentative orders in September for Smith Barracks in Baumholder, Germany. I say tentative because things could change for a multitude of reasons; for example, if Aric becomes promotable which is probably going to happen, that could change our course. We WILL go to Germany, unless he does something stupid (which will not happen), but the LOCATION may change.

Image result for smith barracks

Baumholder is a town located in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Baumholder is a more rural, countryside region of Germany, nestled about 2 hours from Frankfurt and about an hour from both France and Luxembourg. Rheinland-Pfalz is the 7th most-populous state in Germany, with a little over 4 million people. Baumholder is most well-known for one of the biggest garrisons in Germany, where around 12,000 military personnel and dependents reside.

Here is some more information on USAG Smith Barracks.

Image result for rheinland-pfalz germany

To say that we are beyond excited is quite the understatement. From my point of view, I am most thrilled to eat all of the foods; schnitzels and beer in Germany, gelato and pasta and vino in Italy, fish and chips in London, and crepes in France. You name it, I am all about it! I am ready to see all of the history that Europe has to offer and share those experiences with my kids. We are ready to take on this adventure and I will bring you all along for the ride!

Thank you for all of the love on my socials since we have made the announcement!!


As if you did not know already, the coronavirus has just about taken over the entire world. With this, I will be out of work and Maksen will be out of school for the next six weeks. We are slated to spend some time in Texas, but who knows about our trip occurring at this point. However, I will be spending a considerable amount of time at home and I have SO.MANY.GOOD.THINGS.PLANNED!!! Stay tuned for some ahhhh-mazing recipes to come your way! I hope all of my friends stay safe and enjoy your time at home, if you are under quarantine, as well!

Until the next one! Lots of love and light! -SB

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