29 Things I Know to be True on My 29th Birthday

Today I turn 29.

Feels weird to have 365 days left in my 20s.

I’m not dreading getting older, because quite honestly, I feel better and I think I look better than I ever have; but, it feels weird how incredibly fast the years have passed by.

Everyone warns you, but the time just creeps up on you too damn quick.

This year is one that is considerably different than any I have witnessed.

I should be in San Francisco right now eating my way through Chinatown and ending my night with a sunset cruise around San Francisco Bay. I’m super salty about it, honestly.

Instead, I am quarantined to my home, forced to be okay with take out, and making my own birthday cake. Regardless, I am extremely blessed to have my family complete on this day, since I have been alone my last two birthdays. (thanks, Army.)

Though I am just kind of drifting through this sh*tshow called life, trying to be the best version of myself daily, I still have not a clue as to what I’m really doing. Adulting… amirite? But, there are many things I do know to be true.

Here is a list of 29 things I know to be true on my 29th birthday:

  1. Life is uncertain, A L W A Y S.
  2. Things NEVER go as planned.
  3. Shit always gets wild, so buckle up.
  4. Do you ever really have things figured out?
  5. Embrace the bright little moments.
  6. Less is definitely more.
  7. Being kind is cool.
  8. Eat that cookie, trust me, you won’t regret it.
  9. People generally suck.
  10. Black is STILL the new black.
  11. Take the risk, even if you wish you hadn’t.
  12. Being an adult is not even remotely what I thought it would be.
  13. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol is mandatory.
  14. Don’t forget to love on those around you.
  15. Be selfish for your own well-being. Everyone else is.
  16. Fitting in is wildly overrated.
  17. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it.
  18. Never expect equal treatment from others or you will continually be let down. Trust me.
  19. Making adult friends is kind of a pain in the ass.
  20. Crossing items off of your bucket list feels better than any materialistic item.
  21. Don’t get stuck doing the same ole thing, day in and day out.
  22. Give back to our environments. It feels good and there is no Planet B.
  23. Support local businesses, shops, and restaurants.
  24. Social media is generally stupid, but an often necessary evil for people like me.
  25. Never be afraid to speak your mind. You’ll get called an a-hole either way.
  26. Remember to love yourself too. You can’t give on an empty tank.
  27. Don’t be afraid to let go of the good to make room for the great.
  28. Confidence looks good on you, sis.
  29. When you stop giving an f on what others think of you, you will feel like you can conquer the world.

I am thankful for EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people that continually support me, love me, and have been here for my successes and my failures. Cake and wine sure do help, too.

Here’s to my first day of the last year in this decade.

Bring it on. I am R E A D Y!

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