Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are a meal I associate with my childhood. My mom would crack open a can of Manwich, sauté some onions and bell pepper with ground beef, and boom, easy weeknight meal. But as I have entered my own culinary experience with my own kiddos, I find myself gravitating away from the canned stuff […]

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Sour Cream Pancakes

These pancakes… They aren’t just any pancakes, they are some of the best pancakes I have ever made. Instead of a heavy and dense flour-filled regular ‘cake, these sour cream pancakes are light, fluffy, and one of my favorite go-to recipes to whip up a quick breakfast during the week, or even better for breakfast-for-dinner. […]

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Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

I have never met a pasta I didn’t like. I might as well re-brand myself into “The Carb Queen.” Pasta dishes are one of the staple ingredients in the Brooks’ household. Aric could live without it, yet, me and the boys could eat it 24/7. In the 7 months since Aric has deployed, we have […]

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Cornflake-Crusted Chicken

“Fried chicken. Lemon pepper chicken. Chicken on a bone. Chicken off a bone. White meat. Dark meat…” Call us the Bubba-Gump’s of chicken. If you can cook it, we can eat it. We eat lotsa chicken in the Brooks’ household. However, thanks to one of my friends, Kate, we were introduced to coating chicken with […]

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Garlic Parmesan Rice

A classic rice dish that is perfect for any occasion, garlic parmesan rice is sure to be a hit at your house, just as it is at ours. My kids call this “cheesy rice,” which is certainly is. Cheesy. Creamy. Garlicky. Perfect. Unless you are dieting, in which case, I’m sorry. Ingredients 3 tablespoons butter […]

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Salisbury Steak Meatballs

Do you ever have any of those meals that make you feel comfortable and cozy? Salisbury steak meatballs is that meal for me. This recipe is fairly easy, quick, and a real crowd-pleaser. There are meatballs, there are noodles, there is love. Try these meatballs and see for yourself! Ingredients 1 pound ground beef 2/3 […]

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